Monday, May 24

Wow, what a day,  WOW, WHAT A WEEK!  If no one else takes credit for this week’s weather, I will.  It was summer like to be at the pool yesterday and not have the pool heater on.  The air temperature was hotter than the 82 degrees that we keep the water so it was off.

We did do something new yesterday/today that might effect water level and/or temperature this afternoon.  After replacing all missing tiles before the pool was filled, some of the larger tiles on the steps came off once the pool was filled.  This is the kind of infraction that the Health Department could shut us down for so I made the decision to replace them now.

I lowered the water level to just below the bench level last night.  First thing this morning the tiles were replaced.  We are filling, heating, and chemically treating the water.  We should be fine by 5:00, however, this is a first so, “live and learn.”

Please do your suit sizing, if you have not already done so.                                                                               Please pick up a Manual and Calendar, if you have not already done so.                                                      Please sign up for a locker, if you have not already done so, and want one.                                                  Please plan to attend the June 11 Parent’s cocktail party