Wednesday, June 30

June 30 – NO WAY!  You mean to tell me that tomorrow is July?  Well then we must have left the preseason behind us and we are now in the competitive season.

Great swim meet Sunday against the Purple Reign – strike that – the Barracudas.  In addition to 18 first place swims 4 team records were set.  The combined number of years that the broken records had stood for was an amazing 53!  Congratulations Alex Lindsay (15-17 Backstroke), Addie Wallace (13-14 Freestyle), Olivia Smith (9-10 Breaststroke), and Clark Lindsay (13-14 Breaststroke.

Later today we host Meadowbrook Country Club.  Warm up is at 4:00 and the meet begins at 5:30.  More GREAT swims are in store.



Temporarily closed.

Hey all!  Unfortunately, Mark went in for practice this morning to find our circulation pump not running.  So, due insufficient water circulation, we will not be holding an 11:00 practice today and we will not be able to open up the pool for free swim until we’ve worked out the pump situation.  We are still hoping to get the pool open sometime today, just not right at 12.  We will, however, staff the deck, so anyone who wants to just come and layout is welcome to do so.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!

Swim Team Cocktail Party!!

Just a reminder, that the Cocktail Party for ALL swim team parents is TONIGHT!  Kids are welcome to hang out at the pool with their friends while parents enjoy the mixer inside.  We hope to see everyone there, both old and new faces!

Thursday, June 3

Have you missed me?  Did you even notice that I was not there?  Yesterday our 80+ year old next door widow fell and was admitted to the hospital.  I went to visit her, knowing that all of you were in good (make that GREAT hands) with Kelsey, Jessica, and DJ.  Tonight I have a PTA dance at my school.  For those of you that know me, and the time I spend dancing at BOH swim meets, know that I am supervising tonight’s’ event and not participating!

Wednesday, June 2

I have not posted a blog recently, since I was able to see everyone over the long, FABULOUS Memorial Day weekend.  If you did not stop by the pool I hope you were able to enjoy the time with family – preferably in the water.

A couple of hours ago I would not have thought that we would practice today.  It has been dry, or at least rain free, for a couple of hours in Hazel Park.  I hope we can swim at 5:00.

The youth locker rooms are getting a makeover so you may be using the Adult Locker rooms and entering the pool through the gate near the parking lot.