Thursday, July 1

Have you heard the saying, “It doesn’t get any better than this?”  It would be easy to use that statement after last night’s GREAT swim meet against Meadowbrook Country Club.  Great swims, great meet hosting, great food, and (most importantly) the world’s greatest kids made for a FABULOUS evening.  The reason that statement should not be used is because it is going to continue to get better and better between now and the end of the swim season.  The number of personal best times posted last night was almost too many to count (and this comes from a former math teacher that likes to count everything!)  Three records were set during the exciting meet:  Brent Bosart broke last year’s 9 – 10 Backstroke records; Alex Lindsay set a new mark in the 15-17 Individual Medley; and Addie Wallace lowered her three day old 13-14 Freestyle record.

Spectators, from both clubs, recognized how well the BOH Bullfrogs did and passed along many compliments.  BOH supporters should also know that BOH hosts the best swim meets in our league.   This wold not be the case if it were not for the outstanding group of volunteers.  Thank  you for making this such a great place work and a great place for your children to spend the summer.  The memories that you and your family are making will last a lifetime – thanks for allowing me to be a part of those memories.