Monday, July 12

I hope you do not get tired of hearing how great each swim meet was.  Last night was no exception.  A much improved FLCC team provided great competition for the Bullfrogs.  We ranged from a first swim meet , Isabell Cleary, to record breaking swims.  Those records were Addie Wallace in the 50 freestyle and the relay team of Alex Lindsay, Clark Lindsay, Alex Miller, and Addie Wallace in the 64 year 200 medley Relay.  That relay broke a 25 year old BOH record held by Kristen. Fusco, Chris Graham, Dave Wahl, and Tracy Burgum.

We had several swimmers swimming, for the first time, in a new event.  In each case this swim represents many hours of hard work learning and perfecting a stoke or, in three cases, all four strokes in the Individual Medley.

From a meet management standpoint, I have never seen an interrupted meet begin as quickly, and as smoothly, as our volunteers did last night.  Thanks, parents.


No practice today since we are invading the Wave Pool.  We car pool from BOH at 10:00 am and return to BOH at 3:30.  We do need parents drivers.  It is a short enough drive that those drivers need not stay.  History has taught us that today’s forecast of scattered thunderstorms will keep the crowds down.

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  1. Hi this is Addie, and thanks for talking about me…because i have read it to my family 6 times already!:)

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