Surf’s Up, Dude

The theme for the 2011 SICSA Swimming Championships is


Gnarly, huh?  I knew I kept all of those Beach Boys records for a reason.  Hey wait a minute, RECORDS?  I don’t have anything to play them on anymore.  Well one thin is certain:  while BOH swimmers may not know what a vinyl record is, they certainly are no strangers to swimming records!  BCC has been very busy preparing for the BIG event on July 29 and 30 and it promises to be an exciting meet – full of records, most of which will be BOH ones, i”m sure.

Get your boards out, get them waxed and ready to go, catch a wave and be ready to Hang 10 all summer long.


PS.  Hi Ilye, Eva,Brooke, Andrea, Olivia, Paige, Rachael, Alexa, Kelly, Emma, David Mark, Kenny, Ryan, Pierre, and Matt