MIA (Missing in Action) yesterday’s blog.

How is it the day I take off from school, and spend a great deal of time at the pool, I don’t get to the blog?  I guess I was just so incredibly busy I did not get to it!

The pool is looking great.  While the marciting took longer than expected, everything else is taking less time than expected.  This being said we are probably looking at our first practice being Saturday morning.  We will make the Thursday call tomorrow and the Friday call Thursday.  Please stay tuned.

The pool opens at noon Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Please plan to stop by for a swim and see everyone.

One more thing regarding The Surf’s Up  Finals.  BCC has some great custom tie dyed T-shirts for each club (for purchase) like all clubs have the The Finals.  One difference this year is that they are asking all participants to wear them during the pre meet parade.  All the clubs agreed to work with their teams to make this happen.