Coaching update

Returning swimming families will be excited for this information and new families will quickly learn that this is GREAT news:  Parker Watt will be back with the team for part of our competitive season.  Parker joined our staff back in 2007 while he was still swimming for Orchard Lake County Club.  The world’s greatest finals were hosted that year by, none other than, BOH where Parker won his two individual events and helped OLCC win their first championship in decades.  The following summer, 2008, Parker was BOH’s head assistant coach.  He quickly became a integral part of the Bullfrog swim team and has remained such while attending Indiana University.  Fast Forward to May, 2011.  Parker has graduated from IU and has accepted a job with American Airlines.  He begins July 18 in Chicago.  Parker will be joining us this Monday, May 30, and will stay until he has to move to the Windy City (hey, at least he should be able to get cheap airfare from Metro to O’Hare!)  There will be a couple of absences, for a trip to Europe and residency shopping, but otherwise we are excited to have Parker back with us for part of the season.  It will be a great transition for  a couple of our new assistant coaches during the month and a half.  This is the definition of a Win/Win scenario:  Parker has a REAL job, and BOH gets some more time with a REAL great coach and, more importantly, person.  WELCOME BACK PARKER

The pool warmed up 10 degrees between Tuesday and Wednesday, however, it will not be ready for practice until Saturday morning.  Those practice times are:

11 and older 9:00 – 11:00          9 & 10 11:00 – noon          8 & Under 11:00 – 11:30

Even if you can not make it to practice, try to stop by the pool for suit sizing.