I know that we just got started, but sometimes we need to look ahead

For the last several years the BOH Swim Team has started swim practices a couple of weeks before the Memorial Day weekend.  Most summer swim teams follow the same practice.  The difference is that BOH has practiced at BOH and most other clubs practice at a nearby high school, until their pool opens for the season Memorial Day weekend.  Last year we tried starting three weeks early and lost a week due to unseasonably cold weather that kept our pool water temperature too cold to practice in.  This year we lost the entire preseason due to the pool work that was performed.  A question that we should answer this summer, for next year, is whether we should have our preseason practices at a nearby high school pool to avoid possibly missing practices, or continue scheduling them at BOH.  While the pool will not need any repair work next year, there is the risk of weather interfering with preseason practices.  Currently we do not charge a separate fee for our preseason practices.  As other clubs currently do, we would need to charge enough of a fee to cover the pool rental costs associated with these practices.  If you have any thoughts on this please let me know.



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