What a day to miss practice!

I had two budget meetings that I had to attend yesterday afternoon/evening for my school district.  While I hate to miss practice, is it alright if I hate to miss it even more when it was such perfect swimming weather?  I hope so, because I live for summer weather.  Please make sure that you have ordered a team swim suit, if you need/want one.  We are using the same suit as last year so if yours still fits, and is in good shape, there is not need to order a new one.  Swimmers should not wear these suits to practice.  By wearing a different suit at practices you accomplish three things:  First, your meet suit will last much longer and look better; second, it allows for a added excitement/motivation at our meets – sort of like wearing a uniform at a soccer game; and third, it give your child another suit – I have discovered that this is especially important for the girls on our team.  See you this afternoon.