I know this is perhaps the busiest time of the year for families, however, . . .

. . . it is so nice to see everyone that can make it to practice each day.  It seems that each year there are more and more events that I hear about our swimmers being involved with.  Combined with more and more schools being represented, and the wide range of “the last day of schools” and we have quite a bit of diversity – isn’t it GREAT?  I certainly think so.

Our coaches have a good sense of where all of swimmers are, ability wise, and we are working on areas that need to be addressed.  We want to reinforce those aspects of our swimmers’ strokes that are correct, and work on conditioning.  We have long told our swimmers that there are three ways to get faster:  First, you can improve your technique and become a more efficient swimmer; second; you can get in better physical condition which will give you more energy for your races; and third, you can use a combination of the first two.  The third option is what we plan every practice to incorporate.

I will not be at today’s practice.  Alexa has a banquet for her high school softball team at 5:30 and, while it is no swim meet dinner, it is still a sports dinner – so I will be there!



Hello: Matthew, Michael, Patrick, Noah, Bella, Lindsay and Jillian, Bianca, Jasmine, and Albert