Day Two/Three

First, I want credit for this weather!  I can not remember a year that our pool and weather have paralleled such perfect tracks during our early season practices.  Perfect is an understatement.  Water is mid 80’s and outside temperature is mid 80’s.

I learned, long ago, that this is, by far, the busiest time of year for families with school age children.  End of the year school projects, performances, and exams; Spring and Summer sports practices, and the lure of beautiful outdoor activities are only a portion of events vying for our limited time.  Add to that BOH’s swim coaches holding six practices a week and you are officially allowed to be (almost) exhausted.

If you have not heard how we are doing our pre season practices let me explain our new approach:  Our first four weeks is called Swim School.  Each week we will be working on a different stroke.  This week is freestyle, then butterfly, backstroke and we end up with breaststroke.  We are working on technique almost exclusively.  Other than a brief warm up we have nothing longer than a 25 meter swim.  We want to get a great foundation of proper stroke technique early in the season.  Maximum attendance will ensure maximum results/improvements.