See you at today’s and tomorrow’s practices?

Last night our swimming league  (Suburban Inter Club Swimming Association – SICSA) held its annual Spring meeting (a meeting is also held on the day of swim finals prelims, and in the Fall – BOH hosts the Fall meeting).  The meeting was at Pine Lake Country Club as they are hosting the Finals this year.  I wanted to share a couple of things from that meeting.

The theme for the 2012 Championships is


All participants should plan to purchase a T-shirt to wear during the opening day ceremonies.  While we can not order them yet, the deadline is July 11.  Even though we will not know which swimmers will actually be swimming in The Finals, it will be a nice T-shirt for all swim team members to purchase.  The T-shirts will only be available on a pre order basis.

July 11 will also be the deadline to submit Happy Ads for the Heat Sheets or Ads for the Program.  You will receive more information regarding these in the next couple of weeks. Purchasing any of these ads is not a requirement.

July 11 is that last day that we can add swimmer names to be included in the Program. If a name is not in the program it does not mean that a swimmer can not swim in the meet; it just means that mom and dad will not necessarily keep a copy of the Program as a keepsake.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there was discussion about the way many of the swimmers, from all six clubs,  dressed at the party following The Finals last summer.  Expectations are that dress will be what adults know as county club casual. If there was one specific area that was discussed it was the length of some girls’ skirts/dresses.  Please keep this in mind as decisions are made regarding “finals outfits,” which many of us know may have already begun.