80 Days Until Swim Finals

Does that seem like a long way off to you? It probably does to our swimmers, however, those of us with a few more years under our belts know how quickly time can, and will, pass. Swim Finals are the culminating championship swim meet for our summer league and it is a TERRIFIC event. BOH gets to host this year’s event, as we do every six year. Please get involved soon in one of the many volunteer positions. Besides us needing all of the help, you will feel left out if you are not serving on a committee.

We had about 15 swimmers at yesterday’s practice and, even with the cold weather, quite a bit of swimming took place. It was good to see familiar faces and many new faces swimming. If the various weather people are correct we will have 80 degrees tomorrow and we won’t be worrying about water temperature.

This week, of our Swim School, is freestyle. Remember that practice begins at 5:00 each weekday and we swim in the morning on Saturday.


Let the 2013 Swim Season begin!

First let me apologize for being one week late with my Blog. I could not remember how to navigate the site to compose an entry. However, I do remember how much fun and exciting our summer swim seasons are and this year’s will be better than ever.

Today is our first day of practice. All practice groups begin at 5:00 and end at staggered times. Mother Nature has not been kind to us the past two nights, let me explain. Saturday we had a coaches meeting and the pool water temperature was 82 degrees – perfect. Saturday night saw some cold outside temperatures and we lost 12 degrees overnight – 70 degrees. Last night’s below freezing temperatures resulted in the same 70 degrees this morning. For swimming, that is CCCCCCCOLD!. The water will warm up some today, however, it will still be cold. We still plan to hold practice and, depending, on swimmers’ “chill factors” will get some out earlier than scheduled. If your swimmer(s) does not do well in colder water you may want to postpone their first practice. Our Swim School schedule anticipates some missed days due to weather and absences so it is okay if they miss.

For the record: I do not recall ever having a below freezing temperature, once we have begun our early season practices, so this is a first. Hopefully the first of many FIRSTS (places) this season.