2015 Practice begins!

Hello returning swimmers and families and welcome new members.  We begin swim practices today, in preparation for The Finals, which are 81 days from today at Meadowbrook CC.

I feel a little out of synch, compared to most years, due to missing the kick off.  I love kicking off our season the way we do and am sorry I missed it last week.  If you were not there please plan to pick up a revised Calendar and updated Manual the next time you are at the pool.

A little pool update:  Our cover removal and pool opening was moved from May 2 to may 5 due to a crew shortage at our pool servicing company, Aquatic Source.  During the opening procedure a valve broke and had to be replaced, by someone other than the pool opening crew, resulting in us not beginning to filter or heat until last Thursday, May 7.  Despite having fewer days to prepare, we are in great shape.  The pool water this morning was 82 degrees with crystal clear water.  We do still need to do some pool vacuuming today.

Warning:  That sounds a bit harsh, perhaps “be prepared” is better:  By getting the pool swimable for our early season practices we do just that, “prepare the pool.”  We are not ready to open officially until Memorial Day weekend, May 23.  We use these two weeks to get ready for our opening day.  So you will see things as a work in progress such as, deck set up, locker rooms, ice/water machine, bulletin boards, office, etc.  In fact, the youth locker rooms will be locked today and we will be using the adult locker rooms and entering through the gate.

Weather:  The latest that I saw this morning was 80 degrees today with rain and storm chances beginning early afternoon and lasting until 10:00 or so.  Lets hope the rain/storms hold off until later.