Swim School & Great Weather Continue

78 days from today PLCC will be hosting the 2012 SICSA Swimming Championships.  Everyday between now and then is important and provides an opportunity for improvement.  Quite simply:


We have practices six days a week.  Weekdays are held between 5:00 and 6:30 pm and Saturday is between 9:00 am an Noon.  For more details, on the times and our Swim School please look at the Parent Manual and 2012 Calendar.  Both can be found on our web site:




Day Two/Three

First, I want credit for this weather!  I can not remember a year that our pool and weather have paralleled such perfect tracks during our early season practices.  Perfect is an understatement.  Water is mid 80’s and outside temperature is mid 80’s.

I learned, long ago, that this is, by far, the busiest time of year for families with school age children.  End of the year school projects, performances, and exams; Spring and Summer sports practices, and the lure of beautiful outdoor activities are only a portion of events vying for our limited time.  Add to that BOH’s swim coaches holding six practices a week and you are officially allowed to be (almost) exhausted.

If you have not heard how we are doing our pre season practices let me explain our new approach:  Our first four weeks is called Swim School.  Each week we will be working on a different stroke.  This week is freestyle, then butterfly, backstroke and we end up with breaststroke.  We are working on technique almost exclusively.  Other than a brief warm up we have nothing longer than a 25 meter swim.  We want to get a great foundation of proper stroke technique early in the season.  Maximum attendance will ensure maximum results/improvements.



Welcome 2012 Swim Season

The journey begins today.  The journey which will have many stops, lots of great experiences, and promises to be one of the most exciting adventures of your life.  81 days from today we will be Pine Lake Country Club for the Prelims of the SICSA Swimming Championships.  83 days from today we will reflect back at the 2012 swimming season and begin to look ahead to the 2013 swim season – hosted by the BOH Bullfrogs.  What memories will you make for yourself in the next 2 and 1/2 months?  Few things in life are certain, however, this is as certain as it gets:

Your memories, from 2012, will not be all they can be without having GREAT swims at The Finals.  You do not have to break a record, you do not have to take a first place, you do not have to return to swim the second day, you do not even have to beat everyone from your own team – what you do have to do is to swim as well as you can, which for most of you will be a personal best time(s).

Begin thinking about that right now and do not let it escape your thoughts between now and August 3.




2011 SICSA Relays

The relays below are subject to change based on performances at Friday’s Preliminaries.

Event #1 – Mixed 8 & Under 100 Meter Medley Relay

Matthew Hackman, Kate Binkley, Ilye Wallace, Ben Conti

Event #2 – Mixed 40 Year 200 Meter Medley Relay

Henry Baker, Brooke Bosart, Andrea Wegner, Kenny Hardin

Event #3 – Mixed 52 Year 200 Meter Medley Relay

Brent Bosart, Olivia Smith, Alexa Brown, Matt Hain

Event #4 – Mixed 64 Year 200 Meter Medley Relay

Hadley Wallace, Clark Lindsay, Alex Miller, Alex Lindsay

Event #55 – Mixed 8 & Under 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Reagan Beatty, Donny Graves, David Mark Beatty, Lily Gabos

Event #56 – Mixed 40 Year 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Emily Fredericks, Albert Tedjo, Kolton Degregorio, Gracie Wallace

Event #57 – Mixed 52 Year 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Allison Hilborn, Ryan Mayhew, Jack Smith, Jane Smith

Event #58 – Mixed 64 Year 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Addie Wallace, Pierre De Smet, Alex Miller, Alex Lindsay

Dear BOH Swimmers and Parents,

At a coaches meeting this afternoon, before the Summer Splash, changes were agreed to as it relates to relay entries for the 2011 SICSA Championships.  Rather than entering relays tomorrow (Monday) at the Seed Meeting, they will be entered Friday, July 29 after the preliminary swimming events.  This way coaches can use swims at the preliminaries to help determine the most competitive relays possible for their team.

With that in mind, our Championship Relay Practice, scheduled for Monday morning from 9:30 – 10:30 will be changed slightly. While the time will remain the same, participants should be any swimmer entered in The Finals that would like to work on starts, relay or individual.



Take your mark,

In one week (and three hours) we will begin warming up for our first swim meet of the 2011 season.  I can hardly wait.  Swim meets are so much fun and home ones are a great way to showcase our club and our dedicated members.  Remember that we have practices everyday except Sunday between now and the meet day.  Yes, we do have practice on that meet day.  I am still in school until Friday, June 24, however, I will be able to be at the club much more next week than I have been while I have had students and teachers.



PS  Calendar change:  Since high school practices can begin on Wednesday, August 10, we will not have any high school practices after August 9.