2011 SICSA Relays

The relays below are subject to change based on performances at Friday’s Preliminaries.

Event #1 – Mixed 8 & Under 100 Meter Medley Relay

Matthew Hackman, Kate Binkley, Ilye Wallace, Ben Conti

Event #2 – Mixed 40 Year 200 Meter Medley Relay

Henry Baker, Brooke Bosart, Andrea Wegner, Kenny Hardin

Event #3 – Mixed 52 Year 200 Meter Medley Relay

Brent Bosart, Olivia Smith, Alexa Brown, Matt Hain

Event #4 – Mixed 64 Year 200 Meter Medley Relay

Hadley Wallace, Clark Lindsay, Alex Miller, Alex Lindsay

Event #55 – Mixed 8 & Under 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Reagan Beatty, Donny Graves, David Mark Beatty, Lily Gabos

Event #56 – Mixed 40 Year 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Emily Fredericks, Albert Tedjo, Kolton Degregorio, Gracie Wallace

Event #57 – Mixed 52 Year 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Allison Hilborn, Ryan Mayhew, Jack Smith, Jane Smith

Event #58 – Mixed 64 Year 200 Meter Freestyle Relay

Addie Wallace, Pierre De Smet, Alex Miller, Alex Lindsay


Dear BOH Swimmers and Parents,

At a coaches meeting this afternoon, before the Summer Splash, changes were agreed to as it relates to relay entries for the 2011 SICSA Championships.  Rather than entering relays tomorrow (Monday) at the Seed Meeting, they will be entered Friday, July 29 after the preliminary swimming events.  This way coaches can use swims at the preliminaries to help determine the most competitive relays possible for their team.

With that in mind, our Championship Relay Practice, scheduled for Monday morning from 9:30 – 10:30 will be changed slightly. While the time will remain the same, participants should be any swimmer entered in The Finals that would like to work on starts, relay or individual.



Take your mark,

In one week (and three hours) we will begin warming up for our first swim meet of the 2011 season.  I can hardly wait.  Swim meets are so much fun and home ones are a great way to showcase our club and our dedicated members.  Remember that we have practices everyday except Sunday between now and the meet day.  Yes, we do have practice on that meet day.  I am still in school until Friday, June 24, however, I will be able to be at the club much more next week than I have been while I have had students and teachers.



PS  Calendar change:  Since high school practices can begin on Wednesday, August 10, we will not have any high school practices after August 9.

75 degrees and sunny – a perfect day for swimming

We are so excited to see all of our new swimmers out at practices.  We have been enjoying everyone of them.  Please be sure to get to as many practices as you can due to our first meet being just over a week away.  I will miss today’s practice, due to the same issue that was a conflict last Monday.  I have to attend three School Board meetings this afternoon/evening, each dealing with our 2011-12 budget.  Have fun.



PS.  Parker will not be with us as long as I had one thought, and hoped for.  United Airlines may be moving his start date earlier and he will be heading to Europe for a post graduation trip with some friends.  To play it safe, plan to say your goodbyes within the next week.

I know this is perhaps the busiest time of the year for families, however, . . .

. . . it is so nice to see everyone that can make it to practice each day.  It seems that each year there are more and more events that I hear about our swimmers being involved with.  Combined with more and more schools being represented, and the wide range of “the last day of schools” and we have quite a bit of diversity – isn’t it GREAT?  I certainly think so.

Our coaches have a good sense of where all of swimmers are, ability wise, and we are working on areas that need to be addressed.  We want to reinforce those aspects of our swimmers’ strokes that are correct, and work on conditioning.  We have long told our swimmers that there are three ways to get faster:  First, you can improve your technique and become a more efficient swimmer; second; you can get in better physical condition which will give you more energy for your races; and third, you can use a combination of the first two.  The third option is what we plan every practice to incorporate.

I will not be at today’s practice.  Alexa has a banquet for her high school softball team at 5:30 and, while it is no swim meet dinner, it is still a sports dinner – so I will be there!



Hello: Matthew, Michael, Patrick, Noah, Bella, Lindsay and Jillian, Bianca, Jasmine, and Albert

Our first swim meet, which is a home swim meet, is in 14 days (Yikes, that is almost two weeks!)

I remember hearing the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  While I do not want to open that discussion, I would like to reference it to hosting a swim meet . . . “It takes an entire club to host a swim meet!”  It is probably somewhere around 40 adults that is needed to host one of our dual meets.  We do not have that many volunteers at this time.  Please contact Charlie Miller a sign up for a spot for one or, perferably, both of our home swim meets.  No previous experience is needed for almost everyone of these jobs.



What a day to miss practice!

I had two budget meetings that I had to attend yesterday afternoon/evening for my school district.  While I hate to miss practice, is it alright if I hate to miss it even more when it was such perfect swimming weather?  I hope so, because I live for summer weather.  Please make sure that you have ordered a team swim suit, if you need/want one.  We are using the same suit as last year so if yours still fits, and is in good shape, there is not need to order a new one.  Swimmers should not wear these suits to practice.  By wearing a different suit at practices you accomplish three things:  First, your meet suit will last much longer and look better; second, it allows for a added excitement/motivation at our meets – sort of like wearing a uniform at a soccer game; and third, it give your child another suit – I have discovered that this is especially important for the girls on our team.  See you this afternoon.



Now this is what I call S-U-M-M-E-R

It was so nice to see everyone that was able to attend the Parent Cocktail Party Friday evening.  We had a great mix of new and returning parents.  If you were not able to attend I would like to highlight just two things:

1.  Our first swim meet is a week earlier this summer than in previous summers.  This early meet, combined with missing some pre season practices means that each practice is very important.  Please come to as many as possible – during this very busy time for students and families.

2.  Please do not spend your time wondering about anything associated with the swim team.  If our Manual or Calendar do not answer your question just ask.  Kelsey or I can answer pretty much everything, as can many of our parents of returning swimmers.



Parent Cocktail Party

If you can make it please attend our Parent Cocktail Party this evening from 6:30 – 7:30.  While this is geared for everyone, it is most valuable to families that are new to BOH swimming.