I know that we just got started, but sometimes we need to look ahead

For the last several years the BOH Swim Team has started swim practices a couple of weeks before the Memorial Day weekend.  Most summer swim teams follow the same practice.  The difference is that BOH has practiced at BOH and most other clubs practice at a nearby high school, until their pool opens for the season Memorial Day weekend.  Last year we tried starting three weeks early and lost a week due to unseasonably cold weather that kept our pool water temperature too cold to practice in.  This year we lost the entire preseason due to the pool work that was performed.  A question that we should answer this summer, for next year, is whether we should have our preseason practices at a nearby high school pool to avoid possibly missing practices, or continue scheduling them at BOH.  While the pool will not need any repair work next year, there is the risk of weather interfering with preseason practices.  Currently we do not charge a separate fee for our preseason practices.  As other clubs currently do, we would need to charge enough of a fee to cover the pool rental costs associated with these practices.  If you have any thoughts on this please let me know.



Hello: Gideon, Jack, Alex L., Mia, Megan, Alex H., Hadley, Elisia, Sarah, Alex M., and Jane

thanks, Thanks, THANKS

Dear BOH Swimming Families,

I must take a moment to thank some key people as it pertains to getting the pool opened this year.  If you looked at the pool, even a couple of days before our opening, you would have thought there was no way that it would get opened in time.  The primary reasons for this is the length of time the remarciting took and the weather.  The extended repair was worth the wait as it is an excellent job.  Each year, when we set up an opening schedule, we have been able to count on being able to work the week prior to opening.  As many of your basements can attest, we had a lot of rain during the seven days prior to opening.

-Thanks to the Board of Directors for approving the needed pool repairs for this summer.

-Thanks to Paul Rizzo, General Manager, for his involvement every step of the way.

-Thanks to Kevin Greaves, Maintenance Director, for his efforts.

-Thanks to Kelsey Brown for all of the hours she put in, usually after a full day of work prior to her summer job beginning at BOH.

-A special THANKS to Jacob Brown for his many hours and hard work (including a 2:00 am shift to make sure the filling of the pool was correct.  Without Jacob’s many hours, the pool would not have opened Memorial Day weekend.



PS HELLO – Kolton, Julian, Natalie, Kathryn, Madeleine, Ava, Gracie, and Kathryn

What a Memorial Day

It was so nice to see everyone that was in town over the weekend, and made a visit to BOH a part of your weekend.  For those of you that we have not seen yet it will be sort of like having a birthday just a few days after Christmas – two exciting days close together.  The pool staff looks forward to seeing everyone.  Regardless of where you and your family spent the Memorial Day weekend, I hope it was a fun weekend full of, what else, MEMORIES!

Our after school practices begin today.  The schedule is:

Mondays and Wednesdays     5:00 – 5:30 8 & Unders
5:00 – 6:00 9 & 10
5:00 – 6:30 11 & Up

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays     5:00 – 6:00 9 & 10
5:00 – 6:30 11 & Up

Saturdays     9:00 – 11:00 11 & Up
11:00 – Noon 9 & 10
11:00 – 11:30 8 & Unders

Hello: Aiden, Arjun, Brent, Max, Jack, Tim, Johnny, Clark, Reagan, Isabell, Sarah, Andreana, Lisa, Virginie, Abby, Emily, Alex,  and Addie



What a sight!

This morning, around 6:30, steam was coming off the pool water.  Don’t worry it is not that the water is so warm that we are wasting energy, it was just the combination of very cool outside temperature and the upper 70 degree pool water temperature.  Nonetheless it was a GREAT sight!  The returning pool staff is very excited to start seeing everyone again and meeting new families, while our new staff members are excited to meet everyone.  You will quickly see that, once again, we have a great pool staff that is committed to everyone’s safety and enjoyment around the pool.

Parker correction:  Parker will join us Tuesday afternoon, May 31 rather than Monday morning.



Coaching update

Returning swimming families will be excited for this information and new families will quickly learn that this is GREAT news:  Parker Watt will be back with the team for part of our competitive season.  Parker joined our staff back in 2007 while he was still swimming for Orchard Lake County Club.  The world’s greatest finals were hosted that year by, none other than, BOH where Parker won his two individual events and helped OLCC win their first championship in decades.  The following summer, 2008, Parker was BOH’s head assistant coach.  He quickly became a integral part of the Bullfrog swim team and has remained such while attending Indiana University.  Fast Forward to May, 2011.  Parker has graduated from IU and has accepted a job with American Airlines.  He begins July 18 in Chicago.  Parker will be joining us this Monday, May 30, and will stay until he has to move to the Windy City (hey, at least he should be able to get cheap airfare from Metro to O’Hare!)  There will be a couple of absences, for a trip to Europe and residency shopping, but otherwise we are excited to have Parker back with us for part of the season.  It will be a great transition for  a couple of our new assistant coaches during the month and a half.  This is the definition of a Win/Win scenario:  Parker has a REAL job, and BOH gets some more time with a REAL great coach and, more importantly, person.  WELCOME BACK PARKER

The pool warmed up 10 degrees between Tuesday and Wednesday, however, it will not be ready for practice until Saturday morning.  Those practice times are:

11 and older 9:00 – 11:00          9 & 10 11:00 – noon          8 & Under 11:00 – 11:30

Even if you can not make it to practice, try to stop by the pool for suit sizing.



MIA (Missing in Action) yesterday’s blog.

How is it the day I take off from school, and spend a great deal of time at the pool, I don’t get to the blog?  I guess I was just so incredibly busy I did not get to it!

The pool is looking great.  While the marciting took longer than expected, everything else is taking less time than expected.  This being said we are probably looking at our first practice being Saturday morning.  We will make the Thursday call tomorrow and the Friday call Thursday.  Please stay tuned.

The pool opens at noon Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Please plan to stop by for a swim and see everyone.

One more thing regarding The Surf’s Up  Finals.  BCC has some great custom tie dyed T-shirts for each club (for purchase) like all clubs have the The Finals.  One difference this year is that they are asking all participants to wear them during the pre meet parade.  All the clubs agreed to work with their teams to make this happen.



Now that the great weather found us lets get that pool open :-)

The re marciting is completed and the pool looks brand new.  The pool is filled with water and we will begin circulating and filtering today.  Chemicals will be added this afternoon/tonight and will be added each day until the water is balanced.  While the heater will be turned on this afternoon, it will be inspected tomorrow.  We will then just have to hope Mother Nature cooperates and does not allow temperatures to dip too low each evening.

Please continue to check this blog to see when practices will begin.  It will not be before Thursday.

Last week I let everyone know about the Surf’s Up theme for The Finals at BCC July 29 and 30.  Did you know that the first SICSA Theme was back in 1989.  The theme was Up Up and Away and guess what club began this GREAT tradition . . . that’s right – BOH.



Surf’s Up, Dude

The theme for the 2011 SICSA Swimming Championships is


Gnarly, huh?  I knew I kept all of those Beach Boys records for a reason.  Hey wait a minute, RECORDS?  I don’t have anything to play them on anymore.  Well one thin is certain:  while BOH swimmers may not know what a vinyl record is, they certainly are no strangers to swimming records!  BCC has been very busy preparing for the BIG event on July 29 and 30 and it promises to be an exciting meet – full of records, most of which will be BOH ones, i”m sure.

Get your boards out, get them waxed and ready to go, catch a wave and be ready to Hang 10 all summer long.


PS.  Hi Ilye, Eva,Brooke, Andrea, Olivia, Paige, Rachael, Alexa, Kelly, Emma, David Mark, Kenny, Ryan, Pierre, and Matt

Christmas is in 220 days – if it were today my Christmas wishes would be: 80 degrees; sunshine; and a swimming ready pool . . . oh yeh world peace also.

If we wake up to anymore rain there will need to be an emergency meeting of the “ARK” committee.  We will meet in the overflow room and you should enter two by two.

Our summer swimming association is called Suburban Inter Club Swimming Association (SICSA).  The annual Spring meeting will be held this evening at Birmingham Country Club.  While there is sure to be much discussion over unimportant issues, the important thing is that BCC will announce their theme for The Finals (July 29 & 30).  Remember (former swimmers) and Notice (new swimmers):  While The Finals is all about swimming, The Finals Party begins with THE FINALS OUTFIT, and it is never too early to start planning and/or shopping for such!



Hey, I actually saw the sun (for a moment) this morning!

I saw, on the TV this morning, that we have had rain 70% of the days in April and May and that we have had significantly cooler temperatures during that same period of time.  Like I had to tell your that, right?

Despite the less than desirable weather, the pool crew has continued to work each day.  They have found that the shell of the pool needed more work than expected.  I am in contact with the crew daily and they are doing a superb job.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or Kelsey.  My e-mail is mark.brown@hazelpark.k12.mi.us and Kelsey’s is kelseyalyssa@gmail.com